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The Description of Prayer and Purification (CD)


The Descritption of Prayer and Purification is a CD having all necessary details related to Prayer, Wudu and obligatory bath. It offers step by step details related to all matters of purification as described by Quran and Sunnah. The arabic content of the CD are translated side by side in English language so that a large number of audience could benefit from it. Prayer and Purification Book can also be bought along with this CD to make memorization of related Dua's easy. There is a 22 Surahs recitation with English translation to supplement the purification rules.


The audio in this CD comes with the set 'Lessons for New Muslims' and clearly explains the method for prayer, wudu, and obligatory bath. All the Arabic has been read with the English translation. The the audio is professionally recorded and has 2 different speakers.

You can also purchase the book 'Prayer and Purification' to follow along and to aid in your memorization of the supplications.

This audio CD contains special bonus 22 surah recitations with verse by verse English translation from The Noble Quran.

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