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Talking Book Series - Ruba' Yaseen (Last 7 Juz)


This is one useful program for learning Quran and its contents. It begins with Surah Yaseen and cover seven Juz of the Quran till the end. One can listen to individual Surahs by using the number pad. The translation of surah's has also been provided in English language around the corners of pages for the listerners to use at their own will. This is an easy to use listening program for even correcting Quranic pronunciation.

Revolutionary new product by Darussalam allows you to interactively listen to the Qur'an and study its meanings. Repeat function makes it easy to memorize the Quran and correct your pronunciations. The included book starts with Surah Yaseen and goes to the end of the Quran covering 7 full juz/parts of the Quran. Tafsir Jalalain in Arabic is written around the borders if you want to utilize it. The Digital Quran reader allows you to choose the page/surah/ayah you want to listen in the beautiful voice of Shaykh Mohammad Siddeeq Al-Menshawi.

How to use:

  1. Open the Quran to the particular page you want to study.
  2. Turn on the Unit from the ON/OFF button.
  3. Press the Surah or Page button
  4. Enter the Surah or Page # using the number pad.
  5. Press the Play button to hear the Quran.
  6. You can use the forward/backward buttons to go ahead/behind one surah, page or ayah.

Detailed instructions & other features can be read on the instructions page found in the unit (can be seen from sample pages link).


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