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Rule on Those who Seek Help in other than Allah


Brief Synopsis: 

This book provides rulings on those people who indulge in shirk by depending on other than Allah. Soothsaying and fortune-telling are Haram in Islam and this book provides rule on those who seek help of soothsayers and fortune-tellers to control their future.

  • According to Islamic beliefs no other being knows the destiny of man and his future. Only Allah knows the fate of all and his help should be sought by all. Therefore, there is no room for soothsaying and fortune-telling in Islamic society.
  • This book brings awareness of this form of Shirk (depending on other than Allah) and its evils.
  • It enlightens its readers with the punishment for those who seek help from other than Allah with authentic references from the Quran and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). The references in Arabic language are explained through English translation and elaboration to ensure maximum understanding.

It is essential for all Muslims to realize that Tauhid and Faith in Allah are the stepping stones of Eman and depending on other than Allah for major or minor issues results in Shirk. Shirk indeed is an unforgiveable sin.


Rule on Those who Seek Help in other than Allah or those who believe in the soothsayers & fortune

The author has proved that to seek help in other than Allah is a Shirk according to the teachings of the Quran & Sunnah.

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