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Quran Recitation by Abdul Basset (Tajweed - 48 CDs)


This set of Cds has slow recitation of the complete Quran in Arabic language. Complete Tajweed can help Muslims learn to recite Quran accurately. The recitation is done by Qari Abdul Basset Abdus-Samad. Listening to the Quranic recitation daily can help strengthen Iman and draw us nearer to Allah. These CDs can be played to listen to any chapter of the Quran. Using this set is extremely easy. Therefore this product is a fine possession for all Believers.


Complete tajweed (slow) recitation of the Holy Qur'an, in Arabic, from the famous Qari Abdul Basset Abdus-Samad (Shaikh Abdel Basit/Baset/Baasit/Baaset Abdel Samad/Abdus Samed).


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