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Misc Questions and Answers on Islam (2 Parts)



It is a series of questions & answers based on the information about Quran and Islam. It also covers all aspects of the life history of the Prophet (SAW). It reveals his amazing personality, his behavior with his friends and enemies, with children, animals and other creatures of Allah. There are different questions related to his marital life. The character, person and practices of the Wives of the Prophet have also been shown. The lives and characters of the rightly guided Caliphs of Islam, other Companions of Muhammad (SAW), Four Imams, episodes from the most inspiring Islamic history, and battles are also depicted. There are questions about Islamic beliefs such as Tauhid, shirk, etc. This book is highly informative and unique in its handling of a wide variety of topics.

Other Sources:

Allah is All-Knowing - Surah Hud Verse 5 Quran
Allah is free from all needs - Surah Hajj Verse 64 Quran