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Let's Perfect Our Prayer (4 CDs)


These four CDs aim at educating people about the rules and rites of the Muslim prayer. Often Cultural differences influence the way we pray and despite our efforts to adhere to the Sunnah we fail to offer perfect prayer. This CD offers an analysis and in depth study of the prayer our Prophet Muhammad used to offer, thus it helps us perform the perfect prayer. The Cds have recordings of classes based upon the book Qawlul Mubeen fee Khataail Musallaeen by the noble Sheikh Mashhoor Hasan Alee Salman.


Although we all seek to pray according to the Prophet's Sunnah, many times our prayers are corrupted by cultural influences, misunderstandings, or unauthentic information from weak or fabricated ahadith. Therefore, we need to critically analyze and correct our prayers, as we were taught by our beloved Prophet Mohammad (Sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam).This album is a series of classes that are based upon the book, "Qawlul Mubeen fee Khataail Musallaeen," by the noble Sheikh Mashhoor Hasan Alee Salman (Hafidhahullaah).


Originally from Algeria, Sheikh Ahmed Al-Jazaaeree has studied under certain notable scholars and students of Knowledge. Due to his fluency in both Arabic and English, he is able to benefit us with that which he learned. May Allaah give him more strength to propagate the da'wah of Islam.

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