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Imam Muhammad Bin Abdul Wahhab


The knowledge of the life and efforts of devoted Muslim scholars always helps rejuvenate the religious spirit. This book sheds light on the life of Imam Muhammad Bin Abdul Wahhab and his efforts to retain originality of Islam after the period of Prophet Muhammad and his great companions. He encouraged Muslims to differentiate between right and wrong when they were conveniently mislead into false spiritual practices and Shirk. He discouraged polytheistic beliefs and directed Muslims towards true understanding and practice of Islam. This great book about his valuable services strengthens our Faith in Allah's Oneness. The lecture about Imam's life by H.E. Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah bin Baz in 1385 A.H. adds more weightage to the contents of this book.

After the periods of the Prophet (S) and the rightly-guided Caliphs, gradually with the passage of time, darkness began to spread in the whole Ummah, and the people of Arabia moved from monotheistic beliefs of Islam to polytheistic acts of the Jahiliyyah period so much so that they again resorted to seeking help of others (than Allah), and flocked around the graves and soothsayers for guidance. Besides there ware so many evils in them that it seemed as if the Jahiliyya days had come again.

Imam Muhammad Bin Abdul Wahhab simply called people to Islam - to the Oneness of Allah and a total transformation of life in accordance with the Qur'an and sunnah. In this call, it was quite natural that he had to insist on the pristine purity of Islam at the expense of polytheistic beliefs and deeds, heresies as well as innovations.

Many great personalities of Islam in different parts of the world have got inspiration from the life and mission of Imam Muhammad Bin Abdul Wahhab and spread his reformative message in their lands. Indeed it was a great movement which influenced almost all parts of the Islamic world. This book has a lecture on the life and mission of the Imam, which was delivered by H.E. Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah bin Baz in 1385 A.H.

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