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Ibn Khaldun


By: Lumen Nagy
Pages: 84
Binding: Paperback
Size: 11.3x8.5" (28.5x21 cm)
Format: Full Color
Edition: 1st (2011)

Brief Synopsis:

Learn about the life of the great Islamic scholar Ibn e Khaldum. He is revered for his works on philosophy of history and social sciences.


Ibn E Khaldum is most noted for his book, Muqaddimah where he describes the philosophy of History and its various implications with regards to the Social Sciences and economics. Yet there is so much more to the scholar than what meets the eye. Hence the books aim to shed light on to his life and work. The Historical Background of Ibn e Khaldum as well as his education and family background. An Analysis of the Works that he completed in his lifetime, including the Muqaddimah. The Legacy that he left behind with all his work still regarded as masterpieces. It is important for someone to read about the great man who has been blessed to be recognized by the world as the father of sociology and the father of economics. He is among great Muslim leaders and an enormous source of inspiration for all Muslims.

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