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Day of Grief (8 CDs)


There have been many explanations of horrors of the day of Judgement in Quran. It will be the day when heavens will split asunder, stars will fall and scatter and earth will be completely destroyed. In these lectures Yahya Ibrahim has described the details of the day of judgement, in such a manner that it will push believers to start taking action before its too late and they have to face their Lord on the day of Judgement.

  • CD 1: Stupor of Death
  • CD 2: Life in the grave
  • CD 3: The Mysteries of the Soul
  • CD 4: The Trumpet and Resurrection
  • CD 5: Trial and Judgement of the People
  • CD 6: Intercession
  • CD 7: The Fire and It's Inhabitants
  • CD 8: Paradise: Our Abode of Eternity

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