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The Quest for Love and Mercy


Marriage plays the central role in the life of a human being and has always been an issue largely discussed by the scholars of Islam through the ages, resulting in various writings and treatises. This book covers various aspects of marriage according to the authentic Sunnah. Some of the writings of this book have been translated into English. However, they address the Muslims living in predominantly Islamic countries, and overlook the real issues that have been developed under modern civilization. Hence a large gap is created and needs to be filled for the benefit of the Muslims in English-speaking countries. This book discusses the importance and advantages of Muslim marriage, selecting a spouse, the courting process, the marriage contract, celebrating the wedding, the waleemah, forbidden marriages, etc. It provides a practical procedure for performing a marriage contract, and includes a sample marriage certificate. It reveals the rights of husband and wife, and different aspects of marital relationship. See the sample pages here