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The Way to Jannah



By: Yasmin Mussa

Pages: 16

Binding: Hardback

Size: 7.5x7" (19x17 cm)

Format: Full Color

SKU/ISBN: 9781905516360


Is it really this easy to gain Jannah? It is a story of a boy who wishes to find himself the right words that would lead him to Jannah and his mother who guides him towards the right way while teaching him all the words of remembering Allah

  • Beautifully illustrated, it will automatically capture the attention of a child with its bright colors and drawings.
  • Gently allows the young reader to memorize the words for remembering Allah
  • Emphasis on the love and bond between the Mother and the child.

It is one of those stories that can be read by all those who wish to not only read and retain the words of remembrance, but also to indulge in a story of a young boy's wish of finding paradise. This will be a great source of inspiration for your child. At the same time your child will learn to be close of Allah.