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SISTERS Magazine - The magazine for Muslim Women

SISTERS Magazine is an eclectic team of worldwide sister-writers, journalists and readers. The magazine provides uplifting, inspiring and enlightening material to help Muslim Women become the best Muslimah they can be, from the inside out.

The magazine’s ethos is rooted in the Quran and Sunnah of our Prophet Muhammad (saws), according to the understanding of the Pious Predecessors.  

SISTERS magazine is an international magazine that is published every two months in an online format. It is subscription-based.

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Na'ima B. Robert is the editor of SISTERS magazine. An exclusive sneak peek into the next issue:


  The true Islamic marriage

  Love as 'ibaadah

  Advice on choosing a spouse

  How to prepare for marriage

  Tips on making a nikah really special

  Finding bliss in your marriage

  What I love about my Muslim wife: the brothers speak

  Give your bedroom a sensuous makeover

  Morocco, mon amour

  The art of cheesecake

  Give aways, competitions and reader offers


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