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In an age when Muslim women come under increasing scrutiny for wearing head-covering scarves, Bahrain's Ruqaya Al Ghasara has proved that a hijab is no hindrance to sprinting round a running track.

Ghasara, who won bronze in the 100m Saturday after a false start, made sure of gold in Monday's Asian Games 200m, producing a gutsy final 10 meters to clinch the race in 23.19sec.

Tips for Beginning to Wear Hijab

One of the most difficult decisions many Muslim sisters face is the decision to start wearing hijab (or any Muslim Clothing). This is certainly true for reverts, but may also be true for sisters whose families or even whose cultures are not particularly observant. As a revert myself, I have been through the whole thing. I would like to offer some advice that I hope inshallah will be helpful to sisters who are considering wearing hijab but find that something is holding them back.

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Attack on hijab sparks fury in Egypt

The Islamic headscarf is more and more popular - part religiosity, part fashion, part respectability. In Cairo's fashionable shopping malls, girls can be seen in skin tight jeans, clinging lycra tops and colourful headscarves.

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Jews defending the right to wear hijab

A row over women's rights to wear headscarves has broken out again in France - but this time supporters of the right of Muslim girls to cover their head in school have a new and unusual champion.

Laurent Levy is the father of two teenagers - Lila, 18, and Alma, 16 - who last week were barred from the Henri Wallon lycee in the northern Paris suburb of Aubervilliers.

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Defending the right to keep wearing hijab

A Muslim women's group has criticised a suggestion they should stop wearing headscarves for fear of hate attacks.

The Assembly for the Protection of the Hijab said wearing the traditional Islamic scarf was a duty and compromising was giving in to violence.

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