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Healing Body and Soul - Natural Health Remedies based on Quran and Sunnah

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Healing Body and Soul - Natural Health Remedies based on Quran and Sunnah
Online Discounted Price: $24.99
Item Number: DSM-R86

This is one of the latest books that combines Islamic faith based remedies with medical science findings to deliver a powerful tool for taking care of one’s body. Effective for both Physical and Mental Well Being. Hard Cover – 528 pages.

In one of the first comprehensive books of its kind, the author provides practical healthy living tips for ones mental, physical and spiritual well-being based on medical science, Quranic wisdom, and Prophetic sayings.

The craze to take care of one’s body is causing people to seek all forms of alternatives – sometimes not realizing that nature has provided enough that can be used with sometimes more effective results than can be achieved with man made solutions. From skin care, hair care, to internals such as blood circulation, and detoxifying ones body, Islamic teachings of Quran and Hadith refer to a number of foods and techniques that one can use effectively without the need to rely on artificial means.

Medical science and people’s personal experiences have proven that how we treat our bodies, what we eat DAILY and our spiritual life has a major influence on our daily moods, our productivity, our long term health, and our overall MENTAL and PHYSICAL well-being. And when we don’t treat ourselves right, we make up for the consequences by taking medicines that promise to fix something but then have the potential to break something else within our complexly engineered bodies.  

The popularity of alternative medicine during the past few years has provided many of its practitioners a renewed hope in healthy living using natural means. This book written from an Islamic perspective, presents holistic Islamic health science in a simply yet comprehensive manner.

This book includes tabulated food recommendations to prevent various conditions that include Asthma, Diabetes, Hypertension, High Cholesterol, Osteoporosis, memory and concentration problems, ulcers, and approximately 80 other healthy conditions. Some of the other topics discussed in the book include -


  • Foods mentioned in the Quran and Hadith that prevent cancer, kidney stones, ulcers, and increase body’s immunity
  • The beautifying effects of Olive Oil and Aloe Vera
  • Prophet Muhammad’s sayings and recommendations on how certain fruits should be eaten to maximize their effects
  • Ibn al-Qayyim’s recommendations on how certain fruits can detoxify your internal system, act as aphrodisiacs, cleanse the complexion and prevent colds
  • Attaining total equilibrium of the body and the mind
  • The importance of body’s lymphatic system and how a Muslim’s various religious rituals enhance the upkeep of our lymphatic system (The lymphatic vessels form one way channels in which lymph flows toward the heart)
  • Detailed explanation of the subconscious and mental health
  • Explanation on how Meats that are not Halal show fragments of brain tissue in the bloodstream and how the process of making meat halal prevents diseases and cleans the animal
  • Ibn Qayyim’s philosophy on physician treating the person with food first before medicines
  • Mood Lifting techniques
  • -  The Quranic verses mentioning the need to breastfeed infants and the period of feeding and its correlation to the human immune system
  • Ten ways to boost brain power based on medical science, Quranic verses, and Prophet sayings
  • How engaging in certain religious activities harmonizes our breathing, reduces the over-secretion of adrenaline resulting from constant stresses of life and in turn helps toward reducing depression, sorrow and pessimism.
  • Linkage between what the prophet said about sleeping habits and the brains hormonal activity in restoring healthy cells and neurons
  • Prophet’s advice on restricting foods that adversely affect our circulatory system and free radical generation
  • Explains how fasting boosts the activities of certain parts of the body and improves the body’s ability to encounter bacterial attacks
  • Toward helping on to improve their mental health, the author does an excellent job in also narrating true stories on controlling one’s behavior, emotions and teaching self control.
  • And much much more advice based on Quranic wisdom and Medical Science packed in a book of 526 pages.

The book is divided into five chapters, each concerning one of the five components that make up your body, mind, and soul, clarifying in each chapter how to look after that part of you and keep it healthy. During the course of the book you will notice how these bodies are interconnected; the health of one is highly dependent on the wellbeing of the others, so that a happy, healthy life entails a balance between all of them.

Healing Body & Soul presents holistic Islamic health science in a simple, yet comprehensive, user-friendly guide to better health. Healing Body & Soul is an invaluable reference that encourages and empowers people to take control of their health and their lives. A long term investment that can help you for the long term.

PS: As the book mentions, any treatment of any medical condition should only be done at the advice of your physician / trained heath care professionals.


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