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Farsi: Ghayatul-Murid

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Farsi: Ghayatul-Murid
Online Discounted Price: $11.95
Item Number: DSM-LR03
Those who search for Truth evetually find it in the teachings of Allah through Quran and Sunnah. Here is the Farsi version of Ghayatul-Murid (The Destination of the Seeker of Truth). It is an interpretation of Kitab At-Tauhid for the speakers of Farsi. It will enable them understand the teachings of Islam, Fundamentals of Tauhid, its definition and essentials completely. Very simple and easy to understand language has been used to make the comprehension of the contents of this product easy for everyone.


Interpretation of Kitab At-Tauhid - Ghayatul-Murid (The Destination of the Seeker of Truth)

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Farsi: Quran in Farsi Translation
Online Discounted Price: $33.99
Farsi: Quran in Farsi Translation
This book presents Tajweed and translation of Quran for the speakers of Farsi language.
Farsi: Ar-Raheeq Al-Makhtum
Farsi: Ar-Raheeq Al-Makhtum
Online Discounted Price: $21.95
Farsi: Ar-Raheeq Al-Makhtum
This product presents detailed facts from the life of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in easy to understand Farsi language.
Farsi: Tafseer Ahsan-ul-Kalam
Farsi: Tafseer Ahsan-ul-Kalam
Online Discounted Price: $25.19
Farsi: Tafseer Ahsan-ul-Kalam
This is Tafseer of Quran with Arabic text and meanings and tafseer in Farsi language.
Farsi: Mukhtasar Sahih Al-Bukhari (2 Vol. Set)
Farsi: Mukhtasar Sahih Al-Bukhari (2 Vol. Set)
Online Discounted Price: $31.49
Farsi: Mukhtasar Sahih Al-Bukhari (2 Vol. Set)
This is Farsi version of the book of authentic Ahadith, Sahih Al-Bukhari.
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