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 The Fall of the Ottoman Empire

A great deal of things led to the fall of the Ottoman Empire. However the largest reason was perhaps the fact that their neighboring countries powers simply got stronger and stronger over the centuries. They also grew more modern and able to withstand a forced threat. And while the other neighboring countries were gaining in strength and maturity, the Ottoman’s simply didn’t. They remained outdated with each passing year and grew weaker and weaker. There was a great deal of infighting among the administration of the Ottoman Empire and they were underdeveloped as a country.

Sultanic inspiration was non-existent and the lower class was constantly gaining more and more control over the empire. The trade routes that ran through the empire were losing their importance to Europe, whom they relied heavily on and because of this; they lost most of their needed income. They were getting over popularized and nearly impossible for the Sultan to control which made them weak from the inside. Napoleon would have been perfect for dealing with situation with his divide and conquer methods as the Ottoman’s were already divided.

  By the time the Ottoman Empire reached the 19th century, they were nothing more than a very large joke among the Europeans who often made fun of the Ottoman regime. It was too late for the Ottoman’s to be able to regain control of their empire as they were far too weakened by their own inability to maintain control. They tried to help themselves during the time of the reform process, Tanzimat that the Ottoman Empire finally lost most of its territory. It is a sad and brutal, but foreseeable problem that existed within the Empire. They had gained too much power too quickly, and were completely ill equipped to handle it once they had it. It just goes to show you that Ignorance, and loss of trade among an ever growing population can bring an entire empire to it knees. It was a sad end to a particularly brutal Empire that just couldn’t adjust to the modern era.



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