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HilalPlaza.com is an Islamic Shopping site that provides the following services -

Islamic Shopping (North American Based Site)

At HilalPlaza.com, we provide you with best of class Islamic clothing, Islamic Art and other quality products coupled with excellent service. Our Islamic Clothing includes a very wide variety of products that includes abaya, hijab, jilbab, denim western suits, long skirts and others. We also feature Islamic Books that are an excellent source of information for non-Muslims and Muslims. The books are meant for Adults as well as children.

We also feature Learning Arabic Media for children and adults. Material for Learning Arabic includes Books as well as computer programs.

We invite you to browse our selection of Muslim Clothing and Islamic Books.

All items are shipped from the United States making shipping quick, and dependable.

To get the best in Islamic Clothing and Islamic Art products, please browse our online store at

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We have serviced our North American customers for their Islamic Clothing, prayer rugs and accessories, Islamic shopping, and other Islamic store items in all 50 states.