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Atlas of the Qur'an (Quran)

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Atlas of the Quran (Quran)
Atlas of the Quran (Quran)
Online Discounted Price: $24.99
Item Number: DSM-Q19

(Click the picture to see an example) This Atlas is new in its subject, a subject that has not been touched before. It helps whoever recites the Quran or studies it to specify the locations mentioned by the Noble Verses, and to mark those places of ancient people mentioned in the Qur’an Quran. This is besides locating areas where the incidents of the prophetic Seerah occurred. Eventually the diligent reader will easily recognize those places, learn about them, and take heed of them while reciting. The book includes many illustrations of the places that are mentioned in the Quran. Click on the book cover picture to view more pictures.

Eventually the diligent reader will easily recognize those places, learn about them, and take heed of them while reciting. The Atlas has also revealed obscure places we used to pass through inattentively, like the site where Nuh's Ark settled, the site of the curved Sand-hills {Al Ahqah}, the cave of the young faithful men, the houses of median, the site of Sodom and other places determined by the Atlas depending on reliable rces. /font>

Thus the Atlas eliminates all the guessing and the fantasies we used to encounter when reciting the Noble Quran, and takes us to the specific place.

Publisher's Note

The Noble Quran is the last Divine Book which has been revealed by Allah for the guidance of mankind up to the Day of Resurrection. One of the bright sides of this Book is that it is read and recited much more than any other book of the world. In a real sense this very Book has encircled into it the ever shining pearls of all the visible and invisible knowledge and the wisdom, the world needs for survival and eternal success. Hence the reading of the Quran, understanding of its meanings and interpretations is important and obligatory on all the followers of Islam.

Muslim Community should be proud for having the last Divine Book in a well-preserved form. This blessed opportunity has not been provided to any other heavenly religion. Before the revelation of the Quran, hundred of Scriptures including the three former heavenly Books as well have been annihilated. Whatever they have at hand as they disclose are nothing but only the Collections of narratives and sayings of spiritual guides. On the other hand, today the Noble Quran has its originality as it was, in the hearts of thousands of the memorizers (Huffaz) of the Quran. As regards to its manuscripts written from time to time in various periods, their samples are available even today and found in museums, government under-taken libraries as well as many of the private libraries and various publication institutes at large scales. After revelation of the Quran, various artifice skills developed. Besides its modulation forms, some of them pertained to its literal terms - explanatory points, religious decrees, themes, topic and issue discussions etc. But along with these skills, other techniques and arts such as calligraphy, designing, printing, binding, etc., also developed.

Later on the reference of the Quranic geography, descriptions of the Prophets, the Quranic habitations, the Quranic landmarks etc., were described in scores of the books, by the end of 20th century. But in the third millennium of the world civilization, these descriptions appeared on surface in the form of a new way of 'understanding the Quran.

It may be perceived that the compilation of the Quranic Atlas consisting of personalities, nations, events and landmarks, places etc., as mentioned in the Quran, was not an easier task. Certainly the author might have made a journey toward the passed period, and imaginarily perceived the pictures of the events mentioned in the Noble Quran. It seems in the journey to the past, other heavenly books, history, narratives and the modern archaeological studies were also proved helpful to this great writer. Certainly this journey in the back direction consisting of several periods would have been a typical and unique experience of his life, but this experience itself is one of the best rewards of the struggles the author did. Having a dip in the ocean of this beautiful experience, the writer has compiled both of his atlases.

You can buy Quran in other sections of this site.

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