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Popular Muslim Wedding and Marriage Books (Information on Islamic Weddings and Nikah)

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quran "Muslim Woman and her Husband"

quran "The Etiquettes Of Marriage And Wedding" by Sheikh Albanee



Description (Muslim Woman & Her Husband)

marriage Islamic marriage system

marriage Presents guidelines for a married Muslim woman

marriage Elaborates the importance of chastity in Islam

marriage The Quran & Marriage

marriage The right of a Muslim woman in choosing her husband

marriage Hadith discussing marriage in Islam

marriage The duties of husband and wife towards each other

marriage Various true little stories about marriage and Muslim women

marriage  ...and much more


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muslim marriage



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dua marriage book Click here to get the Dua book that includes all types of DUAs "DUAs for Success"



The Fiqh of Marriage in the Light of the Quran and Sunnah - (Muslim Matrimonials in Islam)




The Quest for Love and Mercy

A Muslim marriage and subsequently a Muslim wedding is a weaving together of families, of two souls, and of two destinies. It is considered as a big and very auspicious occasion in all cultures of the world. Different cultures have different wedding traditions and ceremonies, and every culture has its own treasure of wedding ceremonies, wedding customs and rituals.

Weddings in various Muslim countries follow their respective cultural traditions. Some are more Islamic while others have adopted norms that are in the values of various cultures. Various cultures have introduced more ceremonies in the Muslim marriage and matrimonial process.

Brides are decorated and beautified in various ways for weddings. For example, in the Indian subcontinent (India, Pakistan and Bangladesh) traditions, Mehndi or Henna as it is called, has a great significance. The brides are decorated both on the bride's hands and feet. In some Middle Eastern countries such as Morocco, the has a ceremonial bath a few days before the wedding and is decorated with henna and jewelry. Other countries vary in their celebrations of weddings.

Most weddings in Islamic and Arab cultures could become very expensive affairs. Hundreds and sometimes thousands of guests are not unheard of. Large spaces or hotels are rented to accommodate such a large gathering of guests. The bride is also decorated with very expensive jewelry. 22K gold is quite common that includes bracelets, ear rings, and jewelry for the head (worn over the wedding shawl).

Families that are more conservative Islamically usually avoid such lavish weddings as it is considered an unnecessary expense. More prefer instead to pay the amount to the bride and the groom to help them start their family.


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