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Miracles and Merits of Allah's Messenger (Prophet Mohammad)

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Miracles & Merits of Allah's Messenger (S)
Online Discounted Price: $24.95
Item Number: DSM-265

Brief Synopsis: 

This treatise reveals the miracles and merits of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). It is the abridged translation of Ibn Kathir’s Al-Bidayah wan Nihayah in English language. The contents of this book include:

  • The proceedings and burial rites after the demise of the Prophet (SAW), a mention of the last person with him, description of ghusl and shroud, funeral prayer, declaration of no worldly inheritance, and details of his wives and children.
  • The merits of the Prophet’s character and person, his looks and appearance, description of his hair, height, fragrant scent, seal of prophet-hood; His manners of generosity, humility, humor, and courage.
  • Prophet Muhammad’s attributes from the books narrated from the Prophets who came before him.
  • The proof of summation of all miracles of other Prophets in the miracles of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

This book is a source of enlightenment for the entire Ummah as it brings forth the virtues and merits of the Last Prophet (SAW) and encourages readers to tread the path shown by him.


This is an abridged English translation of the classic work: Al-Bidayah wan Nihayah. This book focuses on the events that took place after the death of the Messenger of Allah, such as the choosing of Abu Bakr as the Caliph, the ghusl of the Prophet and his burial.

The book then discusses the blessed and beautiful characteristics and merits of the Prophet and then goes on to describe the miracles that he performed. Ibn Katheer than compares the miracles given to Prophet Muhammad with those that were given to the other Prophets; he then shows that Prophet Muhammad collectively received the same miracles that were granted to the other Prophets separately.

AI-Bidayah wan Nihayah (The Beginning and The End), by the renowned scholar Abu Al-Fida 'Imad ad-Deen Isma'eel bin 'Umar ibn Katheer, is considered as one of the most authoritative sources on Islamic History.

Table of Contents:

  • Contents
  • Preface to the revision
  •                 The plan if action for this book:
  • Publisher’s preface
  • A mention of important matters that occurred after
  • The death and before the burial of the prophet (PBUH)
  •                 The story of saqeefah banu sa’idah 
  • A mention of what SA’d ibn ‘ubadah’s recognition of the
  •                 Correctness of what ad-siddiq mentioned on the day of
  • Saqeefah
  • Section concerning the time that the messenger of Allah
  • Passed away, his age at the time of death, how he was
  • Washed (PBUH) and covered, and the player upon him, his
  • Burial and the place of his grave
  • The description of his’ghusl’ (PBUH)
  • The description of his shroud (PBUH)
  • The (funeral) prayer
  • The description of his burial, (PBUH) where he was buried
  • A mention of the last person who was him (PBUH)
  • When was his burial (PBUH?)
  • The description of his grave (PBUH)
  • Mention of what afflicted the Muslims from the great
  • Calamity by his death
  • A mention of what has been narrated regarding condolences with him.
  • Section
  • Regarding what has been narrated from the knowledge
  • Of the people of the book of the day of his death
  • Declaration that the prophet did not leave a dinar, nor
  • Dirham, or slave boy, or slave girl, or sheep, or camel
  • And nothing else which is inherited.
  • Declaration that the prophet said, ‘we are not to be inherited’
  • Refutation of the rafidah with regard to the inheritance
  • And that which they used as proof
  • A mention of his wives (PBUH) and their children-may Allah be pleased with them
  • Those whom the messenger of Allah proposed but did not marry
  • A mention of his slave girls
  • A mention of his children (PBUH)
  • A mention of his slave boys and slave girls and a
  • Mention of his workers and entrusted scribes (of
  •                 Qur’anic verses)
  • Those who served him from the companions other than
  • His mawali (freed slaves)
  • Writers of the revelation
  • The trait of the prophet those were particular for him in
  •  His lifetime
  • A mention of his sword
  • A mention of the sandals he used
  • The description of the wooden cup of the prophet
  • Chapter
  • A mention of what has been narrated concerning the
  •                 Bottle of antimony [kuhl] that he (PBUH) would use
  • The clock
  • A mention of his horses and means of transport (PBUH)
  • Chapter
  • The book of ash-shama’il
  • The characteristics of the messenger of Allah (PBUH) and a
  • Mention of his apparent and non-apparent traits
  • Narrations concerning his dazzling handsome
  • Appearance, after that which was mentioned
  • Previously from his handsome looks
  • The description of the complexion of the messenger Allah (PBUH)
  • The description of the face of the messenger of Allah and
  • A mention of his features: his parting, forehead, eyebrows,
  • Eyes, nose, mouth, teeth and other features of his looks
  • And appearance
  •  The description of his hair (PBUH)
  • That which has been narrated concerning his shoulders,
  • Forearms, armpits, feet and ankles
  • Description of his height (PBUH) and his fragrant scent
  • Description of the seal of prophet hood, which was
  •                 Between his shoulders (PBUH)
  • Chapter
  • Compilation of the hadeeths concerning the description
  • Of the messenger of Allah
  • The hadeeth of umm ma’bad concerning him (PBUH)
  •                 Hadeeth of hind bin abu halat
  • Section
  • His manners and pure characteristics
  • His generosity
  • His humility
  • His hum our (PBUH)
  • His abstinence (PBUH) and his discharge of this world, his
  • Focus, effort and action for the world of eternity
  • Chapter
  • Concerning his work ship (PBUH) and his efforts in that
  • His courage
  • Chapter
  • What has been mentioned about his attributes (PBUH) in?
  • The books narrated form the previous prophets
  • Section
  • As for the miracles of prophet hood that are sensed-I
  • Mean witnessed by the eyes-than they are heavenly
  • And the earthly
  • Miracles on the land
  • Chapter on the multiplication of food at times of need
  • His increased of Samn (butter/ghee) for umm sulaim
  • The story of siddeeq’s bowl
  • The story of Jabir (PBUH) and his father’s debt and that
  • Piece of gold to clear his debt
  • Chapter on following of the trees with the messenger of Allah (PBUH)
  • The tree trunk yearning for the messenger of Allah (PBUH) and
  • Sadness due to his departure from it.
  • The stone’s glorification (of Allah) in the prophet’s hand
  • Chapter about animals from the miracles of prophet hood;
  • The story of the beast that was in the house of the prophet
  • (PBUH) and would respect him and venerate him
  • The story of the lion
  • The hadith of the gazelle
  • The hadith of the lizard despite its nakarah and gharabah
  • Hadith of the donkey
  • The hadith of al_hummarah (robin)a well-known bird
  • Another hadith
  • Another hadith
  • Another hadith
  • Another hadith in which is a sign for a wali from this
  •  Ummah
  • Another story with the incident of al- ‘ala’ibn al-hadarmi
  • Another story
  • The story of zaid ibn kharijah and his words after his
  • Death
  • The dead speaking and their wonders
  • The story of the child that was suffering form from seizures
  • Another hadith
  • Another hadith in that regard
  • Another hadith
  • Another hadith
  • Another hadith
  • Another hadith   
  •  Another hadith
  • Another hadith
  • Another hadith
  • Another hadith
  • Another hadith
  • Another hadith
  • The issues that the messenger of Allah (PBUH)was asked
  • About and then answered in accordance with the truth in
  • Agreement with what the previous inherited books from
  • The prophets before him stated.
  • Another hadith with the same meaning
  • Another hadith
  • Another hadith, which includes the admittance of the Jews
  • That he is the messenger of Allah (PBUH)
  • Another hadith
  • A hadith about the prophet (PBUH) answering the question
  • Before hearing the questioner ask
  • What the prophet foretold from the future events in his
  • Lifetime and after it and then occurred just as he mentioned
  • Exactly
  • Past hidden and future foreseen matters
  • Section about the order of the unseen future events after
  • The prophet (PBUH)
  • And from the book, signs of prophethood, in the chapter
  • About his information of future unseen matters
  • Another hadith
  • A mention of his briefing concerning the tribulation
  • Toward the end of uthman’s are and the caliphate of ali
  • Ibn abi talib
  • Chapter concerning his briefing about the two arbitrators
  • Which were sent in the era of Ali?
  • The prophet’s mention of the exits of the khawarij
  • The prophet’s mention of Ali ibn abi talib’s murder, and
  • Then is occurred exactly as he mentioned
  •  The prophet’s mention of the expedition of the sea to
  • Cyprus, which was in the era of mu’awiyah
  • Information of the war against India
  • Section concerning this prophet’s mention of the war
  • Against the Turks as it happened
  • Another narration from Abdullah ibn salaam
  • The mention of the death of maimoonah bint al-hadith in
  • Sarif
  • Narrations regarding the prophet’s mention of the murder
  • Of hujr ibn adiyy and his companions
  • Narration of rafi’ibn khadeej
  • The prophet’s is informing of trails that will after his
  • Death at the hands of youngsters from banu has him
  • Murder of Husain ibn Ali
  • The event of Harrah that also occurred during the time of
  • Yazeed
  • Another miracle
  • The prophetic allusion to the reign of umar ibn Abdul-
  • Azeez, crown of the Umayyad
  • Another narration of questionable authenticity in which
  • Wahb ibn munabbih is praised and ghailan is disparaged
  • Allusion to MUHAMMAD ibn ka’b al’qurazi and his
  • Memorizations of the Qur’an and knowledge of tafseer
  • Prophesy about a distributed that would occur after a
  • Hundred years fulfillment of that prophesy
  • Another hadith
  • His informing about al-waleed and the strong threat
  • Against him
  • Another hadith
  • His informing about rulers of banu Umayyad in general
  • And alluding to the length of their rule
  • About the rule of descending of ‘abbas_they emerged
  •  Form khurasan with black flags in the year 132 A.H.
  • Information about twelve leaders they are all from quraish
  •  Information about things that occurred in the Abbasid
  • Caliphate till today
  • Another purported to be in reference to Muhammad
  • Ibn idrees ash-shafi’i
  • Another hadith
  • Another hadith
  • Another hadith
  • Another hadith
  • Another hadith
  • Another hadith
  • Hadith on seeking rain
  • About miracle granted to prophet saleh (PBUH)
  • About the miracle granted to prophet Ibrahim (PBUH)
  • Holding of sun for prophet yoosha’ (Joshua) ibn noon ibn
  • Afrayeem ibn yoosuf ibn ya’qoob ibn ishaq ibn Ibrahim
  • (Peace be upon them)
  • Concerning the virtue of prophet Dawood (PBUH)
  • About Prophet Sulaiman PBUH (Solomon) and that which he
  • Was honored with 
  • Another hadith
  •  Story of the blind man who Allah restored his vision
  • Through supplication of the prophet (PBUH)
  • Another story






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